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New York Party Characters and Princesses for Kids Birthday Parties

If there is one thing everyone knows about New York is that it has a lot of personality and a lot of things to do. If you have kids, or know someone that does, and their birthday is coming up, you will more than likely want to have the best birthday party imaginable with some amazing party characters.

Fortunately, there is a great company out there that will help you throw the best party for your kids. Over at, you can find many different princess party ideas and many different party characters such as superheroes, cartoons, and other such characters that your kids will instantly recognize and fall in love with. They will be ecstatic to see their favorite heroes in the flesh and be able to celebrate their special day with them. New York party characters come in all shapes and sizes and NY party characters come with a wealth of fun and entertainment. The price is fair for what all you are getting, they help you form many different ideas for your kids, and it is certainly something that everyone will remember for many years to come.

new york character party

At FC Soccer Stadium – Iron Man , Elsa , Anna , Thor , Captain America

If there is one thing parents have in common it is that they will do anything for their kids, including throwing them the best party ever. Also, if you happen to have a daughter, there are all sorts princess party ideas that can come to light and help give your daughter the best time of her life. There are different characters that can show up, such as Elsa, Ariel, Tiana, Anna, Cinderella, and many others from Disney movies that will not help show up in full princess attire but also treat your special daughter like the princess she is. Decorations, cakes, a tiara, and many other princess-like items will be available so it will be a special time in your daughter’s life to remember.

If you happen to have a son, there are also plenty of New York party characters for him as well. A good bit of these NY party characters include superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Robin, and many other iconic heroes that your sons are sure to recognize. They can battle it out together and truly celebrate their birthday in true heroic style. No matter what you are looking for, there is something for every kid out there and the people at can certainly provide that entertainment for you.

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Jake The Pirate


new york party characters

The Home Of New York Party Characters

Seeing your child smile is one of the best joys that can come from being a parent. Moms and dads will both agree that giving your child the best party of their life is a joyous occasion, and one they will never forget.

We at New York Party characters know not only how important this special day is for your little one but what a lasting impression it can have on them to meet their favorite superhero, or even princess, of their dreams. This is something that not only your kids will never forget but also something you as a parent will never forget either. No matter what age they are turning, we can be there within a moment’s notice to provide you with the best quality superhero or princess they could ask for and supply them with endless amounts of fun and entertainment.


yoda character

Yoda Star Wars Party

When our superheroes arrive at your destination, we do not just show up and shake hands. We give the full experience as if they are immersed in our world. If Batman shows up, he will speak as if he was Batman, have gadgets on him, treat your little superhero as if he was Robin, and really give him the experience of a lifetime. It is not enough to just dress up as a costume but it means more to really give your child the full experience of a comic book action hero. That is what we provide with our New York character parties and that is what you will get, a bonafide NY superhero. Our NY party characters have always come highly recommended and now you get to see firsthand why.


new york character party for kids

Ninja Turtle Party – Cowaaabunga Dude !

As a parent, all you want is what is best for your child. Whether that be putting them in a good school, making sure they meet the right people, or even something as simple as giving them a wonderful birthday party. Every kid deserves to meet their hero; why not let them enjoy one of our NY party characters at a great price? Every parent gets the feeling of pride and joy when they see their little one’s face light up.

Our New York character parties have always provide an experience rather than a transaction and we do not intend to stop that tradition now. Let any of the NY superhero characters we provide bring happiness into your home and you will see why we are the premier destination for New York character parties and NY party characters.

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Minnie & Mickey Mouse



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The party was a blast with having the Star Wars characters come to our event. Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper did a great job with all the kids. We got a lot of pictures and the kids really enjoyed the Jedi training and all the dancing and fun that you guys did. Thanks
Rosa, From Brooklyn , Ny
The Frozen princesses Elsa , Anna and Olaf characters where fantastic. All the kids had a great time. My daughter is still talking about the party and how princess Elsa gave her a present before she left. I wanted to say thanks again for the great performance.
Jennifer, From Long Island , Ny
All the kids had an amazing time. The Batman and Superman costumes were perfect and the guys were very built looking like superheroes. They played , danced , and taught fighting techniques which my son loved. Thanks for the show and we will be ordering again soon.
William, From Manhattan , Ny